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Welcome to St. Rembert's Hospital

St. Rembert's Hospital was established in 1948 in Torhout, Belgium, and is operated by a Catholic, non-profit organisation.

The hospital has 197 beds and is proud to offer the very best medical care and attention for the duration of your stay. It is equipped with the latest technology and carries out surgical procedures with confidence.

The staff comprises 50 physicians and over 480 employees. Each physician is a specialist trained in one of the primary medical disciplines: anaesthesiology, surgery (general and vascular surgery; ear, nose and throat; gynaecology and obstetrics; ophthalmology; oral and facial surgery; orthopaedics and urology), physiotherapy, dermatology, internal medicine (primary care, cardiology, gastro enterology, geriatrics, pulmonology and rheumatology), pathology, paediatrics, neurology, psychiatry and radiology.

The hospital has five operating theatres equipped with the newest technology. The emergency department and the 8-bed intensive care facility are staffed 24 hours a day with on site resident cover.

Nursing staff dedicated to providing a quality service provides the patient care. Our mission is to provide at all times our full commitment and excellence in caring for our guests.

In addition to the physicians and nurses, St. Rembert's Hospital offers physical rehabilitation services. Also a state-of-the-art laboratory and radiology department are available on site.

St. Rembert's Hospital places a strong emphasis on cleanliness and the quality of food. All meals are prepared on site and the menu changes daily.